Dynaudio Focus 110A Paire d'enceintes bibliothèque
Dynaudio Focus 110A Paire d'enceintes bibliothèque
Dynaudio Focus 110A Paire d'enceintes bibliothèque

Dynaudio Focus 110A Paire d'enceintes bibliothèque

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Dynaudio Focus 110 A

More Music. More Variety. Excellent sound quality and a multitude of different uses: The actively-powered Focus 110 A is the most versatile high-end compact loudspeaker ever made. 

With its integrated stereo power amplifier and advanced Dynaudio driver technology, the multipurpose Focus 110 A serves as the ideal loudspeaker for a wide range of audio/video and music systems. 

For example, the Focus can be connected to streaming audio/ network players – music from the internet has never sounded better. 
Setting up a multi-room system is simplified and brings high-end sound quality to any room you wish. Flat-screens can also be connected directly to the active Focus 110 A to upgrade the audio of their built-in speakers to a much better sound quality experience. 

Even compact media players can be partnered directly with the Focus, eliminating the need for a hi-fi or A/V system in-between. Thanks to the powerful integrated amplifiers, even more advanced systems are possible, be it classic hi-fi stereo or enveloping surround sound. 
The availability of various real wood veneers and glossy lacquers allows the Focus to easily fit into every room and décor scheme. 

A smarter kind of hi-fi: The active Focus 110 A with stereo components and CD players 

A compact audiophile office, bedroom or dorm system, or a more traditional high-end stereo can be based on the Focus 110 A. It can be partnered with a conventional two-channel pre-amp in a stereo hi-fi system, or connected to the pre-outs of an integrated amplifier to create an ideal compact hi-fi system. For more bass output, in larger rooms for example, an active Dynaudio subwoofer can be added. 
A more simplified high-end system can be created by partnering the 110 A directly to a CD player – or any audio source (i.e. a DAC, DVD player, hard disc player or digital radio/ satellite receivers) equipped with volume control for that matter. Be it hi-fi or ultra high-end, the renowned Dynaudio loudspeaker technology always ensures the finest sound quality. 

The legendary Dynaudio soft dome tweeter with its special coating is ideal for excellent, smooth and natural high frequency reproduction, while the distinctive Dynaudio mid/bass driver with its magnesium silicate polymer cone and aluminium voice coil retains the same high quality sound level at lower frequencies.
Dual-amplifier technology delivering 50 watts to each driver makes the Focus 110 A dynamic and powerful – in a classic stereo set-up, this is equal to the power of a 2 x 100 watt amplifier. This amplifier and the unique Dynaudio driver technology renders the Focus 110 A an impressive compact speaker in any room, in any application, with any music. 

The Dynaudio Focus 110 A: The most versatile high-end compact loudspeaker ever made. 

The Focus 110 A is available in a choice of real-wood veneer finishes: Maple, Walnut, Rosewood and Black Ash. Furthermore, the speakers are available in White Piano Lacquer and Black Piano Lacquer finishes. 
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Maple Walnut Rosewood Black Ash  Black Piano Lacquer White Piano Lacquer

Finition laqué Piano Noir ou Blanche :  +150€

Les pieds presentés sur les photos sont proposés à 125€ (pièce)

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