Dynaudio Focus 210C Enceinte centrale
Dynaudio Focus 210C Enceinte centrale
Dynaudio Focus 210C Enceinte centrale
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Dynaudio Focus 210 C

Any home theater system is only as good as its center channel loudspeaker allows, as the center is the heart of the system. 

The Focus 210 C center channel loudspeaker is thus equipped with the same high-quality Dynaudio soft dome tweeters and MSP mid/bass drivers in order to ideally complement the Focus models. Thus the same high level of sound quality as the main left/right channel loudspeakers is maintained to create an evenly balanced, accurately realistic and audibly cohesive soundstage across the video screen. 

The Focus 210 C crossover and cabinet quality is also built to the same high standards – as this is critically important to achieve a neutral, detailed and natural reproduction of the midrange. Dual mid/bass drivers are employed in parallel to attain an accurate roll-off in the bass. 
The Focus 210 C thus not only exhibits an excellent midrange quality for reproducing voices naturally, but remains precisely balanced even in the upper and lower bass registers. For a slightly angled directional placement, for example when positioned on a sideboard or on shelving above or below a video monitor, the optional Dynaudio Center Base and Center Base2 angled center channel plinths are available.

The Focus 210 C is available in a choice of real-wood veneer finishes: Maple, Walnut, Rosewood and Black Ash. Furthermore, the speakers are available in White Piano Lacquer and Black Piano Lacquer finishes. 
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Maple Walnut Rosewood Black Ash  Black Piano Lacquer White Piano Lacquer

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