Philips BDP7200, une platine BD annoncée à 349$

Philips expands high-definition home entertainment with new Blu-ray Disc™ player

-Philips is making the best even better as it showcases its latest Blu-ray Disc (BD) player - the BDP7200 - at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show. Building on the successful BDP9000, the BDP7200 is Philips' first BonusView compliant BD player, optimizing the complete HD experience and allowing viewers to enjoy the latest movie applications and features. This new BD player boasts a stylish design with unbeatable sound and picture quality that takes Blu-ray Disc interactivity to a new dimension.

Philips' BDP7200 touts stunning Full HD 1080p images - the pinnacle of today's high-def visuals. Rich surround sound is heightened with multi-channel audio decoding and digital audio optical outputs. Older DVD libraries will look better than ever as the BD player upscales them to 1080p - a major attraction to consumers who, as they migrate to HDTV sets, find that standard DVDs do not offer the HD content they expect.

Enriching the picture further, Deep Color™ creates vivid images with more than a billion colors1 and eliminates on-screen color banding. The BDP7200 also supports 1080p at native 24 frames per second (fps)2 cinematic resolution input via HDMI, which is the same format used in movies.

"Blu-ray Disc has rapidly become the format of choice for high-definition movies, music, games and more," said Andy Mintz, senior vice president, marketing management AM/VM, Philips Consumer Lifestyle North America. "With a greater breadth of available hardware, more support from the Hollywood studios and more capacity for growth in the future, consumers are clearly weighing-in in favor of Blu. Our BDP7200 joins Philips' growing family of Blu-ray Disc products, delivering the best possible Full HD picture quality, full surround sound capabilities and more."

The BDP7200 supports technology known as BD-Java, which makes even more sophisticated interactive features possible. It boasts Picture in Picture (PiP), graphical enhancements and multi-languages for on-screen display. Multi-layered displays enable users to interact with on-disc content - such as pop-up menus, graphics, director's commentary and bonus material - even as the main movie is playing.

Further enhancing the player's simplicity, Philips EasyLink™3 allows easy control of connected devices via HDMI Consumer Electronics Control (CEC1) function with one remote. One button does it all - the TV and A/V components communicate via the same HDMI cables that deliver audio and high-def video.

The BDP7200 Blu-ray Disc player will be available in April 2008.
BDP7200 MSRP: $349

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