SOtM sMS-1000d Serveur Musical Audiophile
SOtM sMS-1000d Serveur Musical Audiophile
SOtM sMS-1000d Serveur Musical Audiophile
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SOtM sMS-1000d

The SOtM sMS-1000 Music Server is designed for the audiophile who demands the very best sound quality, build quality and functionality, without needing a computer.

Not everyone wants to use a computer with screen, keyboard and mouse to enjoy high-resolution music playback, and the SOtM sMS-1000 is designed to be used without those peripherals.

Simply insert a CD and the sMS-1000 automatically rips the CD to it´s internal hard drive in FLAC format, retrieves album art from the internet along with song titles. Playback can be controlled by your iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad, as well as an Android Phone. All with cover art display!

Want compatibility? The sMS-1000 is compatible with, and will share it´s music with iTunes, Sonos and Squeezebox. It is smart too, with the choice to store MP3 and ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) versions of your music alongside the FLAC versions for sharing with other devices and systems.

The sMS-1000 Music Server is available in three configurations: The sMS-1000a offers analogue output and as such includes a high quality SOtM DAC internally. The sMS-1000d offers digital outs to be fed into your existing DAC via optical, coaxial or AES/EBU connectors. THe sMS-1000u offers a USB output to feed into your DAC via the USB port.

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