Amphion Helium 410 Paire d'enceintes bibliothèques
Amphion Helium 410 Paire d'enceintes bibliothèques
Amphion Helium 410 Paire d'enceintes bibliothèques

Amphion Helium 410 Paire d'enceintes bibliothèques

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Amphion Helium 410

Helium 410 is compact and easy to place. It´s timeless appearance and variety of color options allow you to blend it with any decor. 

Helium 410 fullfills the demands of hectic rapidly changing modern lifestyle. Advanced acoustical engineering allows Helium 410 to adapt to changing requirements:

  • Emotionally immersing nearfield listening with computer

  • Wide and even listening area for TV and movie applications

  • 3-dimensional soundstaging and correct placement of voices with 2-channel system, even when watching movies

  • Natural clear voice band even with low listening levels

  • Room filling natural and emotional sound for enjoyable background listening - even at low listening volumes.

    Récompenses :

Helium 410 is handmade in Finland and due to its contolled dispersion it keeps it´s clarity even when placed close to the boundaries, such as desktops, TV tops, bookshelves or side or back walls. 

Despite being small and easy to place Helium 410 sounds fullbodied and works nicely without a subwoofer. Clear, natural voice band is a joy. Especially as it keeps its intelligibility even at whisper-like late night listening levels.

In addition to conventional sources modern streaming applications like Spotify and Mog were used in the R&D of Helium 410.

“The sound has impressive impact with immediacy and warmth.“

Stephen Mejias, Stereophile Magazine

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Bild & Ljud Hemma in Sweden chosed the Helium410 the Best in test!

" Enthusiasten"

"Ljudbilden är däremot öppen och detaljrik. Komplicerade musikstycken separeras oerhört väl så det handlar om mäktiga ljudupplevelser. Med ett tränat öra går det att plocka ut enskilda röster hos Flying Pickets. Vid närmare eftertanke behöver inte öronen vara särskilt tränade heller. Allt vi utsatte högtalarna för lät helt briljant"

"En mycket positiv upplevelse som vi unnar fler att prova."


"This is the answer!

A computer speaker system has to cope with a vast range of sounds with no guarantees of audio quality, all the while being well integrated enough to work within arm´s reach of the listener. This is harsh environment for good sound but the Amphion/Nuforce hook-up passes muster brilliantly. Best of all though, it achieves that goal with a smile on its face, and the sense of fun is infectious. Fun enough in fact that it might cause some big-league head-scratching when you return to your mode highfalutin´but not as ultimately entertaining hi-fi system"

Alan Sircom, Editor Hifi+ Magazine, Test in issue 81 July 2011


Sound Quality 4,5/5 stars

Value for Money 4/5 stars

Build Quality 5/5 stars

Ease of drive 3,5/5 stars

Overall 4,5/5 stars

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"Don´t let the size fool you - despite being a small speaker it still creates suprisinly big sound which is enough for even bigger rooms. Snappy bass reaches suprisingly low thinking the size of the speaker. The best part of the small Helium is the three dimensional stereoimage. Speaker works even on low listening volumes, bringin a singer close and showing where all the instruments are. On desktop use NuForce Icon2 amplifier is a great pair for small Heliums. This system makes for example Spotify Premium sound amazing!"

Henri Kuokka,

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