Cambridge Audio CP2 Pre-Ampli haute phono
Cambridge Audio CP2 Pre-Ampli haute phono
Informations Spécifications
Phono pre-amplifier with moving magnet (MM) and moving coil (MC) input stages
• Discrete transistors for the all-important input
stages instead of the more common integrated
• Single-ended ‘Class A’ gain stage with
audiophile passive RIAA equalisation
• Multi-parallel capacitors to achieve exceptional
RIAA accuracy of only 0.3dB up to 50kHz
• Selectable subsonic filter to eliminate very low
frequency ‘rumble’, caused by vinyl imperfections
• Balance control for fine correction of cartridge
• Eco-friendly
• Acoustically damped full metal chassis with thick
brushed aluminium front panel
• Available in brushed black and silver finishes
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