Tellurium Q Ultra Black RCA Cable de modulation 1 m
Tellurium Q Ultra Black RCA

The first of the RCAs in our range to use our new TeCu connector.
"naturalness , timbres and dynamics of these connectors are so remarkable that my packing and sending back is really very, very difficult - if it even still happens.”
- Frank Neu,, August 2015

HiFi Pig Review
“It seems as if the UB [Ultra Black RCA] has such precision with regards to timing that it gives a presentation which is very different to virtually every cable I've ever heard, no bloom added decay, colouration or drag”
- HiFi Pig, April 2014

“The first few seconds of play were more than enough to realise that Tellurium Q has got a very special design on its hands.”
- Hi FI World, August 2013
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