Pro-Ject Adjust it Outil réglage roulements

Pro-Ject Adjust it Outil réglage roulements

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Suitable for all Pro-Ject tonearms  

• Allows fine adjustment of bearings, if misadjusted  

• Caution: for qualified personnel only  

• Includes 2 inserts for different bearings  

• Full metal (aluminium & brass)  


Precision machined tonearm bearing fine adjustment tool!  


Fits all Pro-Ject tonearms and allows qualified personnel to optimise bearing adjustment,when bearings are misadjusted, because of unassured transport of a turntable. If you are not sure about correct adjustment, please contact your local dealer!  

CAUTION! Misuse of this adjustment tool may damage tonearm bearings! 

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