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Amphion Krypton3

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Amphion Krypton3

Krypton is Amphion´s reference project now close to 15 years in making. The Krypton3 is highly innovative three-way reference speaker, which makes it possible to enjoy full range, realistic level orchestral performances without owning a concert hall. 

Krypton³´s propriatory paper -papyrus 8" midrange is actually many drivers in one and due to carefull driver placement together with the tweeter forms a perfect time accurate point source which works from 160 Hz up. Inside the critical 600-2000 Hz the cone´s "ribs" transform the unit to work similarly to 4", which leads to air and nuances, but will take full advantage of low distortion and high power handling of the 8" units. 

The midrange clarity coupled with the power which can be achieved by kryptons two 8" units working in unison makes you wonder how you ever could live with the 6.5" other manfacturers offer at this price point.

The highly innovative cardioid midrange allows Kryptons to perform well even in  

  • small rooms

  • close to big windows

  • under other acoustic irregularities, which traditional speakers cannot cope with.

Krypton³ reduces unwanted reflections from both the side and backwalls (up to 20 dBs), so you can hear less of the room and more of the speaker.

In your current home. Or the next.

Amphion Krypton³ - A dream worth pursuing!


Récompenses :

"This speaker design embodies ideas that have to my mind and ears a fundamental correctness in their ability to take the listening room out of the system. Because the Kryptons put out so little to the sides, they can be quite close to the sidewalls. Even if you do not have a huge room, you can put them far apart and reproduce large-scale music with something much closer to the physical scale of the live event. Add to this that the Kryptons³s will play loudly without strain, and something more like an orchestral concert, say, can be reproduced better than most speakers even dream of."


"The Krypton³s really are spectacular: remarkable indeed in their spatial presentation, superb in perceived resolution, ultra-low in distortion even at enormous volumes (they will play loud!), and almost completely free of coloration arising from off-axis irregularities. It all adds up to remarkably realistic sound".


"I found the whole experience fascinating. I pulled out many of my old favorite recordings  just to see how they would turn out when given this kind of convincing clarity of both the music itself and the space around, many more than were called for in preparation of the review as such"

Robert Greene, The Absolute Sound (TAS 223)

Read the whole article here!


"...produces a large window on the sound, which allows several people to enjoy its generous soundstage in a typical listening room."

"The Krypton3 is more than great bass, we´are pleased to report. The treble is a solid act too. It is reasonably sweet, definately open and it gives the music a vivid tonality."

Alvin Gold, Hifi Collection 2010


"with an untreated room the reproduction was much better that one would expect" 

Robert Jorgensen, High Fidelity magazine Denmark


"Most surprising demo I heard at the show!"

 Clement Perry, Editor

"The system was astonishingly brilliant and transparent, yet smooth and effortless at the same time. I was able to achieve the organic emotionality that I listen for but never expected to hear at a trade show."

Carlos Sanchez,


"In particular, classical concerts are perfectly reproduced with a clear revelation of the room acoustics in various concert halls. It was fascinating to be alb to recognize the acoustics of the concert hall so precisely on the Amphions and to hear the difference in room acoustics between the (perhaps too) dry sound from the new Danish concert hall and the more open sound from the famous Berlin hall".

Peter Plaschke, Denmark, Customer: Amphion Krypton2


"Amphion at $ 19.9.K is a bargain" 


Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound


"This tricky balancing act of delicacy speed and low frequency acoustic slam was delivered in breathtaking fashion".

Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound



Caractéristiques :

Operating principle:

3-way, vented


1" titanium Integrator

Mid / woofer:

2 x 8" paper-papurys/ 10" aluminium

Crossover point:

160 Hz / 1200 Hz


4 ohm


89 dB

Frequency response:

22 - 30 000 Hz

Power recommendation:

25 - 300 W

Measurements (h x w x d):

1370 x 240 x 470 mm


72 Kg


white and veneer wood birch and walnut

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