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Dali Callisto 2 C

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The wireless DALI CALLISTO speaker system re-imagines Hi-Fi for the 21st Century - without the need for complicated electronics. Playback and stream all your Hi-Res music files easily and conveniently via Bluetooth from your smart device or music server. The CALLISTO Hi-Fi system is made in Denmark and is built on 35 years of DALI audio traits.

Connect, kick back and disconnect

Each of the wireless DALI CALLISTO speakers feature a Hi-Res, cable-free connection to the DALI Sound Hub – the heart of the system. Just plug in the power chord and press ‘Connect’. The CALLISTO system makes it easy to stream via Bluetooth and control Hi-Res music from almost any source and still enjoy the stunningly detailed, transparent reproduction DALI is known for. – You worry about the volume, let us worry about everything else.

Everything is connected

Whether you’re listening to music from an online streaming service, a Hi-Res download or a CD/record player, we believe you should hear music as the artist intended. With a host of inputs, from traditional wired connections to Bluetooth Apt-X HD and AAC – plus two future-proof expansion ports (e.g. BluOS) – CALLISTO is ready to connect the way you want it to.

The heart of the CALLISTO system

At the heart of the system, the DALI Sound Hub brings true no-compromise convenience to music and movie lovers. It transmits Hi-Res audio in true HD quality (24bit/96KHz) to your CALLISTO speakers, while you take control of the hub with your mobile device. The Sound Hub will automatically switch to whichever source is connected and can be hidden out of sight if desired, as the remote control connects via Bluetooth.

The CALLISTO 2 C is the stand mount solution in our new wireless ecosystem that empowers you to easily access all your Hi-Res music directly from your smart device. Connect via Bluetooth (AAC/AptX HD) or the optional BluOS module (Wi-Fi). The CALLISTO 2 C is the perfect choice for smaller rooms without giving up performance. The combination of our 6½” low-loss wood fibre woofer, hybrid tweeter module and the perfectly balanced internal cabinet volume form the base of a highly accurate audio experience.

As part of our wireless CALLISTO eco system, the stand mount CALLISTO 2 C represents the virtues of traditional Hi-Fi merged with the convenience of wireless audio. Designed to deliver on DALI’s promise of producing the most natural and faithful reproduction possible.

The CALLISTO 2 C is perfect for smaller spaces or rooms where the speakers need to remain discreet, but where power and presence are still paramount. The combination of a 6½-inch low-loss wood fibre woofer, a hybrid tweeter module and the perfectly balanced internal cabinet volume results in a supremely accurate and powerful audio experience.

The CALLISTO 2 C connects wirelessly to the DALI Sound Hub through an extremely stable digital connection. With latency below 25 ms, sync between video and audio from a movie or TV source is obtained well within conventionally acceptable limits.

Everything from the drivers to the amplifier is developed in-house, which is why we can optimise every single component to match each other perfectly. This enables us to design the woofers to be more linear than would be possible in a similar traditional passive speaker system.






Réponse en fréquence (+/- 3dB) [Hz] 47 - 30,000
Maximum SPL [dB] 108
Fréquence du filtre [Hz] 2,700
Principe de filtrage Hybrid Full Active 24 bit DSP and Passive All Analogue
Module hybride de tweeter, driver super hautes fréquences, quantité 1 x 17 x 45 mm
Module hybride de tweeter, driver super hautes fréquences, type de diaphragme Ruban
Module hybride de tweeter, quantité de driver hautes fréquences 1 x 29 mm
Module hybride de tweeter, driver hautes fréquences, type de diaphragme Dôme en textile souple
Haut-parleur de basses fréquences 1 X 6½"
Low frequency driver, Diaphragm type Cône en fibres de bois
Type de montage Bass Reflex
Fréquence Bass Reflex [Hz] 46.0
Puissance maximale d´amplification en sortie (Watts RMS) 250
Type d' amplification Discrete Class D (Closed Loop, Self Oscillating)
  Burr Brown PCM1796 (Balanced output)
Impédance en entrée [Ω] 5,000
Connectique des entrées ADC-in (RCA)
Entrée(s) sans fil Full 24 Bit / 96 kHz (No bit-loss attenuated)
Résolution digitale max. [bits/KHz] 24 / 96
Distance recommandée depuis le mur [cm] 10 - 80
Consommation maximale (W) 325
Standby Power Consumption [W] 1.2
Dimensions max. incl. embase et grille (HxLxP) [mm] 393 x 200 x 321
Poids [kg] 10.1
Input Sensitivity [mV] 1,700
Voltage d´entrée en secteur [Volts] 100 - 240 (Universal mains)
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