Vous étiez nombreux à nous questionner concernant les nouveaux projecteurs de JVC. L'embargo sur les informations durait jusqu'à aujourd'hui et leur annonce officielle lors du CES de Las Vegas.

Pas de révolution mais plusieurs changements sont à venir sur ceux qui vont s'appeler DLA-X5500, DLA-X7500 et DLA-X9500.
Pour une question de temps, je n'ai pas encore eu le temps de traduire le communiqué mais je suis sur que vous n'aurez pas trop de mal à en comprendre les grandes lignes ;-)

1. Highest Brightness In Class* Delivered by a High-Power Lamp

The combination of a 265W high-power lamp and the D-ILA device allows the new JVC projectors to produce images with increased brightness compared to previous models.
The JVC D-ILA imaging device has a narrow pixel gap to provide high light efficiency and pixel-free, film-like images. Brightness levels for the new projectors are:

  • DLA-X9500B 2,000lm;

  • DLA-X7500B/W 1,900lm;

  • DLA-X5500B/W 1,800lm.

The improved brightness allows the new projectors to deliver clear, bright images on large screens or deliver the additional intensity needed for installations with higher ambient light.

*Class=Home Theatre Projectors Priced between EUR10,000 and EUR4,000


2. 18Gbps Full Speed HDMI Inputs with HDCP2.2

To accommodate the expansion of 4K streaming and the availability of next generation Ultra HD Blu-ray players, the new projectors feature the latest HDMI/HDCP2.2 standard on both HDMI inputs. Two HDCP2.2 copy protected devices can be connected at the same time. These HDMI inputs are capable of handling data transfer rates up to 18Gbps, which can deliver full spec native 4K signals such as 4K60p 4:4:4, 4K60p 4:2:2/36bit and 4K24p 4:4:4/36bit. Adding expanded color sampling and higher frame rate capability enables the viewer to enjoy a more visually satisfying movie experience.


3. Industry-leading Contrast Ratio

JVC continues to offer the industry’s leading native contrast ratio of 160,000:1

(DLA-X9500B). This is achieved by the combination of JVC’s optical engine optimized for usage with the JVC D-ILA device and a new high power lamp. JVC’s user-selectable Intelligent Lens Aperture further boosts Dynamic contrast to 1,600,000:1 (DLA-X9500B).


4. HDR (High Dynamic Range) Compatibility On All Models

JVC’s inherent high native contrast, expanded color gamut mode* and higher brightness lamp enable HDR content compatibility, and the new JVC projectors automatically switch to the HDR picture mode when an HDR10 signal is detected. The new models also offer compatibility to Hybrid Log-Gamma, a new HDR standard for broadcasts and streaming services.

*DLA-X9500B and DLA-X7500B/W only.


5. Improved Multiple Pixel Control

JVC’s original high performance image processing technology, Multiple Pixel Control (MPC), has been improved. With the adoption of a new analysis algorithm based on DLA-Z1, MPC is capable of more accurate diagonal detection between frames for both full HD and full 4K resolution signals to deliver an immersive 4K image.


6. Low Latency Mode

The availability of new, high performance gaming consoles are driving development of 4K/HDR games. The new JVC’s 2017 projectors offer a new low latency mode that delivers a significant reduction in frame delay for improved game play.


7. Evolutionary JVC Proprietary e-shift4 Technology

JVC's e-shift4 technology provides clear 4K precision (3840x2160) images by shifting pixels diagonally 0.5 pixels at rate of up to 120 Hz, multiplying the resolution. JVC’s 2017 projectors further improved clarity with e-shift4 technology that is specifically optimized for the combination of 4K60p compatibility and high brightness.


8. Motion Enhance – Blur Reduction Technology

The new JVC projectors incorporate the company’s Motion Enhance technology, which minimizes motion blur significantly by optimizing the drive of the D-ILA device and works in combination with Clear Motion Drive. Motion Enhance is also compatible with 4K and 3D signals to give a smooth and detailed image for a variety of scenes.


9. THX 3D Certification (DLA-X9500B, DLA-X7500B/W)

THX 3D Certified Projectors deliver 3D movie experiences with the stunning clarity, detail and accuracy found in the filmmaker’s studio. Superior 2D performance is also mandatory for THX 3D Display certification. During the THX 3D certification process, more than 400 laboratory tests are conducted for performance on accurate color reproduction, cross talk, viewing angle, video processing, and more. This certification promises the consumer the highest level of quality and performance.


10. Auto Calibration Function* to Optimize the Picture

All 2017 JVC projectors offer an Auto Calibration Function* that can, with the use of a widely available third party optical sensor, automatically calibrate the image to optimize the picture for various environments. In addition, this can also compensate for the changing color balance that occurs with long-term projector usage so the projector can continue to deliver optimal performance.

*To use the Auto Calibration Function a JVC approved optical sensor, exclusive JVC software, PC and LAN cable are required.


11. Control4 SDDP


All 2017 JVC projectors include Control4 SDDP (Simple Device Discovery Protocol) so they can easily be integrated into a Control4 home automation system.

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