Le constructeur Sharp n'a pas attendu l'automne pour présenter sa nouvelle gamme de TVHD AQUOS.

Dans un premier temps, le groupe dévoile quelques informations sur sa première série avec rétroéclairage LED. 
Disponible en 4 tailles : 52" (LC-52LE700UN), 46" (LC-46LE700UN), 40" (LC-40E700UN) et 32" (LC-32LE700UN), elle bénéficiera d'une résolution de 1080p ainsi qu'une nouvelle technologie X-Gen Panel, offrant apparemment une profondeur de noir extraordinaire  (2 000 000:1 de contraste dynamique).
Au menu, sachez que vous retrouverez un taux de rafraichissement de 120Hz, un temps de réponse de 4ms et pas moins de 4 entrées hdmi.

Par ailleurs le constructeur annonce aussi deux très grande tailles avec le  LC-65E77UM et le LC-60E77UN, qui offriront des spécifications identiques visiblement, le rétro-éclairage à LED en moins.

Sharp jouera bien sur comme tous ces concurrents, la carte de l'écologie avec des écrans qui consommeront beaucoup moins qu'auparavant, mais nous n'avons pas plus de détails pour le moment.   Par exemple : 105W pour le 52" et une durée de vie supérieure à 100 000h.
Tous ces téléviseur seront disponibles dans les mois à venir de l'autre côté de l'atlantique, les tarifs sont visible  ci dessous :

•  LC-52LE700UN disponible en juillet pour $2,799.99

•  LC-46LE700UN disponible en juillet pour  $2,199.99

•  LC-40LE700UN disponible en juillet pour $1,699.99

•  LC-32LE700UN disponible en juillet pour $1,099.99

•  LC-65E77UM disponible en septembre pour $4,499.99

•  LC-60E77UN disponible en septembre pour $3,499.99

Le communiqué de presse en anglais :

65-inch LCD TV Available to More Consumers; 60-inch Represents New Screen Size

NEW YORK, July 7, 2009 – Today, Sharp introduces two new competitively priced AQUOS LCD TVs that make large-screen units with advanced performance attainable for more consumers. The 65-inch LC-65E77UM (64-33/64" Diagonal) and 60-inch LC-60E77UN (60-1/32" Diagonal) AQUOS LCD TVs join the acclaimed E77 series, filling out a lineup of Full-HD 1080p models that bring enhanced picture quality to the forefront. Additionally, the LC-60E77UN is the first 60-inch LCD TV on the market, meeting the need for a highly sought-after screen class size.

"With the increasing adoption of flat-panel display TVs, consumers expect larger screen sizes with advanced performance at a good value," said Bob Scaglione, senior vice president and group manager, Product and Marketing Group, Sharp Electronics Corporation. "The addition of the 65-inch class E77 series LCD TV and introduction of a new screen size class at 60 inches enables more consumers to bring home large-screen TVs."

The LC-65E77UM and LC-60E77UN employ Sharp's Advanced Super View (ASV) Superlucent Panel for a dramatically bright and crisp picture with reduced haze and reflectivity. They also feature Sharp's Fine Motion Enhanced technology for 120Hz Frame Rate Conversion and a fast pixel response time of 4ms, providing the ultimate medium for high-definition viewing of fast-action imagery.

The ASV Superlucent panel applies an ultra-smooth finish that minimizes haze while intensifying panel brightness and contrast. The ASV Superlucent panel with Spectral Contrast Engine XD provides high contrast, enabling deep blacks and vibrant colors, and a special dejudder feature results in the smooth reproduction of film content.

Two components of the Spectral Contrast Engine, Optical Picture Control (OPC), which automatically adjusts luminance to room brightness and lighting conditions, and Brightness Preservation picture processing, also make these models very energy-efficient. In fact, all models in the E77 series exceed the EPA's Energy Star program guidelines. An advanced Power Savings mode is easily accessed through a dedicated remote control button.

The large-screen E77 series provides a stunning picture and a new design sure to complement any décor. The black cabinet blends elegantly into a soft champagne gold hue that accents the bottom of the frame, befitting both modern and traditional design schemes. These AQUOS models also come equipped with a full array of connectivity options, including four HDMI™ and two component video inputs, all of which are 1080p compatible, accepting signals from Blu-ray Disc™ players and advanced gaming devices. A dedicated PC input and RS-232 port for custom installations add to the feature set.

The complete E Series includes models in 65- (64 33/64" Diagonal), 60- (60-1/32" diagonal), 52- (52-1/32" diagonal), 46- (45-63/64" diagonal) and 40-inch (40" diagonal) screen class sizes (LC-65E77UM, LC-60E77UN, LC-52E77UN, LC-46E77UN and LC-40E77UN respectively), as well as the 40-inch class LC-40E67UN (40" diagonal).

Pricing and availability
• LC-65E77UM will be available in September for a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $4,499.99
• LC-60E77UN will be available in September for an MSRP of $3,499.99



Breakthrough New Line of LED Backlit LCD TVs Bring Superior Brightness and Image Quality Combined with Industry's Lowest Power Consumption for True Value

NEW YORK, July 7, 2009 – Sharp Electronics unveils, for the first time worldwide, AQUOS LED, an LCD TV Series that provides the ultimate in picture quality and value, offering consumers the lowest power consumption of any available LCD TV. A new series of LCD TV's that combines Sharp's award-winning AQUOS LCD technology with a Full-Array LED backlight system, the new LE700 AQUOS LED Series delivers unprecedented image quality and energy-efficient, eco-friendly performance. This Full-HD 1080p LCD TV Series, available in 52- (LC-52LE700UN), 46- (LC-46LE700UN), 40- (LC-40E700UN) and 32-inch (LC-32LE700UN) screen class sizes (52 1/32", 45 63/64", 40", and 31 35/64" Diagonal respectively), introduces a newly-developed X-Gen Panel with advanced pixel control for extremely deep black levels.

The AQUOS LED series also includes Sharp's AQUOS Net™* capability, a service that gives users instant access to customized Web-based content as well as real-time customer support.

"Sharp demonstrated the unlimited possibilities of LCD, bringing the first LED back-lit AQUOS LCD TV to market last year, and we continue to advance the category today," said Bob Scaglione, senior vice president and group manager, Product and Marketing Group, Sharp Electronics Corporation. "With the introduction of the AQUOS LED Series, we are bringing consumers an affordable display solution with superior picture and environmental performance that provides a true value. Sharp is able to deliver a price-competitive yet high-performance product by producing many of the key components of the TV, including the LED components and the LCD panel."

Superior Picture Quality
The proprietary AQUOS LED System incorporates Sharp's UltraBrilliant LED backlight technology that illuminates the TV to extremely high brightness and contrast levels. The system includes a full array of LEDs evenly dispersed behind the diffuser, resulting in more uniform colors and brightness across the entire screen, as well as improved color purity for the smoothest picture possible. Additionally, this series uses Sharp's proprietary next-generation Full HD 1080p X-Gen LCD panel with 10-bit processing, designed with advanced pixel control to minimize light leakage, producing extremely deep black levels. The X-Gen panel also provides a wider aperture to allow more light to pass through the panel, resulting in higher peak brightness. The panel provides Spectral Contrast Engine MC for an extremely high Dynamic Contrast Ratio of more than 2,000,000:1 for crisp picture quality and vibrant colors, as well as a special dejudder feature (on the LC-52LE700UN and LC-46LE700UN) that results in the smooth reproduction of film content.

Rounding out this premium picture, the series offers Fine Motion Enhanced technology for 120Hz Frame Rate Conversion and a fast pixel response time of 4ms, providing the ultimate medium for high-definition viewing, ensuring viewers never miss a detail. For flexible room placement, the series has impressive 176-degree viewing angles, enabling the color reproduction to appear bright and vivid from virtually anywhere in a room.

Eco-Efficient Design
In addition to a first-class picture, the AQUOS LED Series was designed to bring overall value to the consumer, with several eco-friendly improvements enabled by LED technology. The UltraBrilliant full array LED backlight enables precise light output with higher luminance per watt so less power is needed. The TV is also equipped with a system designed to lower power consumption during use by adjusting the screen brightness based on the level of brightness in the area of installation. In fact, this series offers the industry's lowest power consumption of any LCD TV currently available on the market.** The LC-52LE700UN consumes 105W, exceeding the EPA's ENERGY STAR criteria for TVs: Version 3.0 by 68 percent; the LC-46LE700UN consumes 90W, exceeding ENERGY STAR guidelines by 63 percent; the LC-40LE700UN consumes 75W, exceeding ENERGY STAR guidelines by 60 percent; and the LC-32LE700UN consumes 55W, exceeding ENERGY STAR guidelines by 52 percent.

In addition to lower power consumption, the AQUOS LED Series is built to last longer - as a solid-state light source, LEDs generate less heat and are more durable, leading to a longer lifespan – an expected 100,000 hours, two thirds longer than traditional LCD TVs.

This TV series also uses eco-friendly components and uses no mercury – LED is a mercury-free light source. The units house fewer components with a reduction of heavy metals, which makes for easy recycling and an overall carbon footprint reduction.

Included in the LE700 Series*, AQUOS Net is an internet-based service that gives Sharp AQUOS customers access to personalized information. Viewers can check everyday information with a push of a button on the television's remote control, in either full screen or split screen. Currently available through AQUOS Net is content from Weatherbug to check the local forecast, NASDAQ for stock quotes, Accedo Broadband for casual games such as black jack and Sudoku, UCLICK to follow daily comic strips, daily local NAVTEQ Traffic™ reports, AQUOS Gallery, which provides users with beautiful high-resolution 1080p images of scenery and nature, and a variety of web-based content from NBCU's broad portfolio.

Through AQUOS Net, consumers also have access to unparalleled customer support for their television, including the ability to have dedicated AQUOS AdvantageSM advisors connect remotely to their TV to assist in adjusting the TV's settings and optimizing picture quality for the best viewing experience. This interactive tool, known as AQUOS Advantage LiveSM, is easily accessible from the AQUOS Net home page.

Advanced Connectivity
These Full-HD 1080p models boast an array of connection options, including four HDMI™ (v1.3 with Deep Color) and two component video inputs, all of which are 1080p compatible, accepting signals from Blu-ray Disc™ players and advanced gaming devices. A true high-definition TV, each model houses a built-in ATSC, QAM and NTSC tuner for access to DTV and analog TV channels. The LE700 series also features an RS-232C input for custom installations and a PC input so the TV serves a dual purpose as a PC monitor. Additionally, Sharp's AQUOS LINK™ feature allows users to seamlessly control compatible, HDMI-connected products using a single remote control. The series also includes a USB photo/music player* for the convenience of high-resolution digital photo viewing and MP3 music enjoyment on the TV.

• The LC-52LE700UN will be available in July for a Manufacturer's Suggested List Price of $2,799.99
• The LC-46LE700UN will be available in July for an MSRP of $2,199.99
• The LC-40LE700UN will be available in July for an MSRP of $1,699.99
• The LC-32LE700UN will be available in July for an MSRP of $1,099.99
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