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Supra Ply 3.4 WIDE

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SUPRA Ply 3.4 Wide - Ultra Low Inductance

Ice Blue 2x3.4mm2

An evolution of the Ply concept. The tin plated multi-strand braid is rolled flat under high pressure in two steps, same process as for the Flat 1.6. The idea behind large conductor surfaces facing each other with a short distance between, is lowering inductance at the expense of the much more benign capacitance. The advantage is much lower losses, exceptionally fast transient response, hence the transparent and dynamic sound. External size of Ply 3.4 wide is 9.6x5.3mm. (Standard Ply 3.4 is 7.2x7.2mm)

Supra Ply wide features and benefits

  • Ultra low inductance - Good dynamics, crystal clear highs and sound stage presence.
  • Easy to strip - No special tools needed
  • Easy to connect - Connectors not necessary
  • Tin plated - Anti-corrosive among other benefits
  • Made in Sweden!

Supra Ply wide is also available pre-terminated with Supra CombiCon crimp connectors.

Product of the year
Fig.1 Losses for Ply

Product of the year
Fig.2 Wide-spaced cable losses

Demoing the Difference
Unlike some audio products, benefits of SUPRA PLY are readily shown by repeatable measurements. Fig.1 using a swept sine wave shows progressively increasing losses >1kHz for all cables, caused by L & skin effect, ranging to 10dB at 20kHz - ultrasonic sounds do matter [3] ! Ply’s low-loss behaviour for hf audio (incl. bass transients), is evident. Fig. 2 are time domain ’scope pics, showing typical dynamic/damping differences with a square wave. After transients, SUPRA’s Ply restrains the peaking & accelerates the signal’s return to 0 volts at the speaker end. Peaking in wide spaced cable shows limp damping & hf loss, because it has high L & low C, the opposite of what’s required to drive most speakers.

Caractéristiques Techniques :

Cross. Area: 3.4 / 12 (mm2/AWG)
No. Conductors: 2  
No. Wires: 192  
Wire Diameter: 0.15 (mm)
Wire Material: Tin Plated OFC  
Insulation Heat & Ageing Resitant PVC  
Ext. Size: 5.9 (mm)
Weight: 95 (g/m)

Electrical performance

Resistance: 5.1 (Ohm/km)
Inductance: 0.15 (uH/m)

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