I will start by saying that cinemotion is awesome. The team is fantastic, very helpful, kind, knowledgeable, not snobs at all and most importantly, they let me borrow some of their equipment so that I test it at my own system. The store is a big surprise. As soon as you enter the store you don't realize it, but there are tons of pieces of all sort of price ranges, amps, sources, speakers, cables, just name it. There are also 4 (as far as I counted) different listening spaces for different purposes (normal room, sound treated, home cinema etc) to listen and test. Finally the prices that are offered are lower than the average market which is always a big plus. 1 star deduction due to a (not small at all) delay of my delivery and the relative lack of communication. To be honest, I was ready to give up and order from somewhere else. Oh well, happy end :)
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